Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Warden Of The Tower

Nocturna Gatekeeper + Andrea Dark Menhom

What's behind the gate? What dark power comes to take it? Will the gatekeeper keep the evil at bay?

All finished and based with a handpainted pewter foil nameplate. Enjoyed dipping into a bit of fantasy for a change, I enjoy the freedom of it.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Wight Of The Tower

Andrea Menhom conversion

A quick update on the progression of the second figure for the Warden of the Tower dio. Sculpting of the cloak and hood is now finished and I jumped straight into the painting. Leaving him at this stage.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Warden Of The Tower

The GateKeeper

The base has progressed a little this week with the stone steps being rendered in Jo Sonja acrylics. The marble pillar has had a coat of matt varnish followed by a semi opaque spray of very dark (near black) orange to tie the flagstones in with the pillar as I felt the oil finish with the sonjas lacked harmony.

The Gatekeeper himself turns out to be not alone in the tower! I have decided to add another figure ascending the stairs and after running through a few choices I went for the Andrea 54mm Menhom Dark Shadow as I felt he could be envisioned as gliding silently up the stairs.

I am in the process of making a few changes to the figure, losing the helmet and shield and covering him in a hooded cloak in a grim reaper style.

Progress so far

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Teutoburg Forest

Roman Officer & Germanic Warrior

Nocturna 70mm vignette

Another WIP added to the workbench and more Noctura figures, I have a thing for these at the moment it seems. This is going to be a two figure vignette on separate bases which will join to make a single piece.
Using a compound mitre saw I have cut up a couple of wood blocks at the same angle that fit nice and neatly together. The German will take the high ground and be bearing down on the Roman from out of the cover of the forest. This will probably take over as my next work to see through to completion as it seems to be the thing most occupying my mind at the moment.

Warden Of The Tower

The Gatekeeper

Inspired (as I often am) by the work of Frank Frazetta I've been making an attempt at marbling the pillar on the Gatekeeper base. I've had a crack at this in oils over acrylic using the alla prima technique. I found it pretty tough.

Here's the first sessions work. Looks a little raw.

And now after some shading using oils through the airbrush.

Still a fair amount of work to do on this, finding it hard and slow work but hopefully I'll be happy with it in the end.