Monday, 28 April 2014

Teutoburg Forest AD9 Completed

Death In The Forest

The destruction of Varus AD9

Finally finished my vignette depicting a snapshot of the defeat of Varus' Legions by Arminius and the German tribes in AD9.

I have finished off the Roman's shield using a green laurel design rather than the popular yellow wings and lightning bolt to try and achieve a greater colour harmony with the groundwork, much the same as I did by colouring the German's tunic a rusit red to match the ferns in the undergrowth.

The base(s) have been sprayed with an enamel black prior to applying Letraset rub down transfers in Gold and then sealing with a number of matt varnish coats to protect the lettering.

Here are the pictures of the finished piece.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Teutoburg Forest AD9

Germanic Warrior

Cloak, tunic, trousers and shield.

Following on from the pre-highlighting of the clothing and cloak first off the cloak has had many layers added using a kind of pointilism/crosshatch technique to create a texture for the heavy woolen cloak material.

Some brown filters have been added for weathering. I always thin the paint with Vallejo Matt Medium when weathering to make it less opaque so as not to overdo it.

Here blending has begun on the tunic using midtones.

Here we have the tunic at it's conclusion along with the trousers and equipment, all in a productive 2 hour session.

Shield was next. Done using a combination of designs from my reference material with a mind to make it harmonious with the other colours present in the vignette.

Still a few bits to be done but almost there. Onto the Roman's shield next!