Friday, 29 August 2014

2nd Regt. Velites Of The Guard Officer


Here are the finished images of my 54mm Velites of the Guard Officer. Base has been finished in a faux marble effect using acrylics. The veining was done by painting over the base-coat with Amsterdam acrylic retarder and then applying the vein colour onto the wet surface. This technique allows for some diffusion of the paint for a more realistic marble effect.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

2nd Regt. Velites of the Guard Officer

Working on the golds

More work today, this time on the golds. Once again I have used the Scale 75 acrylics metallics for this blended with some Vallejo. Starting with a dark mix base-coat of Vallejo Black, Leather Brown, Yellow Ochre and some Scale 75 Elven Gold I have gradually applied highlights by adding first more Elven Gold and Yellow Ochre and then incorporating some Scale 75 Citrine Alchemy to mix to highlight further.

Friday, 15 August 2014

2nd Regt. Velites of the Guard Officer

Continuing with the face in oils and moving onto the uniform.

Having just finished a project for a magazine article I've found the time to get back to this figure. As with the Crimean Grenadier bust I've opted to over-paint the acrylics with oils. The face and bearskin were the first to receive this treatment.

Oil mix used for the flesh consisted of Titanium White; Yellow Ochre; Cadmium Red; Naples Yellow; Burnt Sienna; Raw Umber; Viridian Green; Mars Black; Purple Madder.

Moving on to the uniform I pre-painted the white using the Scale 75 Black and White paint set working from dark to light using Petroleum Grey, Brown Grey, Rainy Grey, Thar Brown, Mojave White and White. This was then over-painted in oil using mixes that mirrored the 6 different acrylics. Oils used to achieve these colours were Titanium White; Yellow Ochre; Raw Umber; Burnt Umber; Mars Black; Purple Madder.  

The red is again Scale 75 acrylics over-painted with the following oil colours: Alazarin Crimson; Cadmium Red; Titanium White; Mars Black.