Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Native American Indians

Pawnee Bust

Started with the oils today over the top of the Jo Sonja base.

With Jo Sonja acrylic basecoat roughly blended

The oil mix is made from the same Jo Sonja colours used for the basecoat.
A master recipe of Venitian Red and Burnt Umber is added to Jaune Brilliant in icreasing quantities to create the mid 3 tones.
For the 3 highlights a base of  Naples Yellow with a small amount of master recipe and Cadmium Red represents highlight 1 and is progressively darkened with the master recipe for highlights 2 and 3
The 3 shades all begin with the master recipe with a Cobalt Blue/White mix added for the greyed shade, Burnt Umber added for the warm shade and a Viridian Green/Mars Black mix added for the dark cool shade.

The oil mix

I keep these in an airtight container after a painting session to prolong their life.

Below is the first stage of oil painting. All of the colours were applied to the appropriate areas (aided by the pre-painting of the Jo Sonja's) and wet blended together. When dry some further wet on dry highlighting and shading will begin.

Oils are still wet on these two pictures, more to come when it's dry.

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