Sunday, 10 November 2013

French Hussar 5th Regiment 1808

French Hussar 5th Regt 1808

1/12th scale bust by Grenadier Miniatures

I've jumped straight into another Napoleonic bust after completing the Imperial Guard. This time the Moz Corry sculpted 1/12th scale Hussar bust produced by Grenadier Miniatures. This bust is sculpted with the Nankeen summer jacket worn over the waistcoat. the Nankeen would be white in colour regardless of the Regiment colours with only the cap and waiscoat denoting the Regiment. I decided I didn't want to have a white Nankeen, prefering a Dolman instead and bringing a little more colour into the piece. To facilitate this I have added some edging braid on the front of the Jacket and around the collar to more acurately depict a Dolman. This was a simple task accomplished with some Magic Sculpt.

The colours of the 5th Regiment are Sky Blue Dolman and Cap (with white cap-bag) with Yellow braid. Red Waistcoat with Yellow braid.

The unaltered bust

With the edging rendered

Painting began with a black undercoat of Jo Sonja Carbon Black via the airbrush followed by directional oversprays of flesh for the face, a mix of JS Ultramarine Blue/Prussian Blue for the Dolman and lower portion of the cap and White/Raw Umber for the top of the cap.

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