Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nocturna 501st Airbourne

501st Airbourne

Here's my next WIP, another Nocturna figure. This time the 70mm American para. Had to replace the gun barrel and sight on this as I could not get the resin to stay straight, no problem with a piece of Griffon Models hollow brass tube. I've primed the whole thing black and when fully assembled I have oversprayed with grey from an angle at the top right and to the front of the building ruin to catch the natural highlights that would have been hit by the sun in the same position. This I will use as a guide to try and create a natural lighting effect.

I think the photo is a little overexposed an shows up brighter than it really looks.

Here I've begun work on the face and hands.

This photo from the "lighter side" view

This photo from the "darker Side"

And the hands.

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