Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stalingrad Miniatures Germans at rest

Operation Barbarossa

The calm before the storm

Here's the third WIP sat on my bench and still at the configuration stage really. The idea behind this one is to have the group of resting soldiers relaxing in front of a zeltbahn tent. The tent will be a wedgie so only half of it will be visable.

I've bought a J's Work laser cut zeltbahn tent to use as a template and created two sides of the tent in thin pewter foil as I want one piece folded back as an opening with the sleeping figure inside. Making it out of foil will also enable me to create some more realistic creases in the cloth. Toying with the idea of making the scene at dusk with a campfire in the middle and painting the glow of the fire on the surrounding figures...we'll see how that goes.........probably be a while till this ones finished.

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