Sunday, 29 June 2014

Grenadier Guards Officer Crimea 1854

1/12 bust of Grenadier Guards Officer Crimea 1854

Stormtrooper Miniatures sculpted by Moz Corrie

Another project that I'm working on in tandem with the 54mm Velites of the Guard Officer.

First off I have used the airbrush to undercoated the flesh and coat over the top of an initial black primer. This has been done with Scale 75 acrylics.

The final finish for the face will be done in oils so here I'm roughing out some colours for the flesh tones in acrylics.

A little more refinement for the oil paint undercoat, about one hours work in total.

Now the oils paints. I have premixed a number of flesh tones and applied them in their appropriate areas of shade, highlight, mid-tone etc to avoid any muddying of the colours. Transitions are then blended and a little alla prima (wet-on-wet) work has been done adding tones and enhancing highlights. About half an hours work in total. He's still wet in these images below.


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  1. I have been following this project with great interest the face shows the work put into it, the greatcoat is spot on overal top work thanks for posting. Regards Furphy.