Friday, 27 June 2014

Officer Guards Camel Regiment Sudan Campaign 1885

My latest 54mm

Just showing the finished work on this one as I painted it fairly quickly over a few long sessions at the bench. This is a great sculpt from one of my favourite sculptors/modellers - Raul Garcia Latorre. It's a white metal casting, I missed out on the initial run of resin casts when it was first released but it really makes no difference when it's painted, resin just tends to look sharper in it's bare form as it's normally matt whereas the white metal reflects the light.
I used mainly Scale 75 acrylics this time as I have a few new sets that I was keen to try after using their brilliant metallic range. So the flesh was all done using their flesh set, leather work with their wood and leather set (obviously) and the breeches with o combination of colours from both the black and white set and the leather/wood set with the addition of some Vallejo buff. The jacket is Jo Sonja's French Blue straight from the tube and highlighted using Scale 75 pale flesh and shaded with a combination of JS Paynes Grey and Scale 75 purple.
Probably the biggest consideration when approaching the painting of this figure was the breeches which are made of corduroy. I decided to simulate the texture starting with a dark base and progressively working in lighter stripes focusing on the natural highlight areas. To try and avoid the look of pin-stripe trousers I have made the stripes slightly wider on the right leg where the material is more flared out as well as subtle widening of some highlights on the creases to try and simulate the cord texture.
Really enjoyable figure to paint, you can't beat a Latorre sculpt.

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