Saturday, 14 June 2014

James Brudenell 7th Earl of Cardigan

200mm Cardigan bust

And a first attempt at sculpting!

This is an old Mike French piece that was recently given to me by my brother. I thought the detail on the uniform was superb but the face was a little lacking in character, so I thought I would try my hand at sculpting!

Here's the original face.

What follows is the stages of re-modelling the face. I used Magic-Sculpt and Kneadite Brown Stuff.

I did begin with the idea of creating a likeness to that of James Brudenell himself rather than the Trevor Howard movie version. 

 I didn't really achieve either! Accurate facial likeness is pretty damn hard and was maybe a little over ambitious for a first sculpting attempt but I'm fairly pleased with the Victorian-ish face.

Here he is finished and attached to the torso.

Straight on with the painting, working over a black basecoat all using Jo Sonja's.

Moving on to the uniform, the blue is Jo Sonja's again but the braiding is the Scale 75 metallics Dwaven Gold and Citrine Alchemy blended with Vallejo Leather brown and Yellow Ochre.

The Finished piece.

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