Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Imperial Guard 1815

CGS Military Figures 200mm Bust

Imperial Guard 1815

Sculpted by Carl Reid

One of my favourite Euro purchases this year and it's jumped the queue on the workbench while I work on the groundwork and bases for the Nocturna Roman and Germanic Warrior.

Assembly was a breeze with all parts fitting without issue, very nice casting and superb sculpt as usual from Carl Reid. I am keeping the head seperate for ease of painting and have undercoated the whole thing in Jo Sonjas Carbon Black through the airbrush. I have followed that with some pre-highlighting using the airbrush from a directional light angle. Using a mix of  Jo Sonjas Paines Grey, French Blue and a touch of Ultramarine Blue for the coat and first section of the Tri-Colour flag, the red section has received a spray of Napthol Red and Napthol Crimson mix. The face has had a mid fleshtone mix airbrushed over, again made from Jo Sonjas.

All ready for the brushwork.

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