Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Imperial Guard 1815

Continuing with the face, Greatcoat and flag

A fair amount of progress since my last post. Face, hair and Bearskin have been taken to near completion using the Jo Sonjas.

Here is the paint mix that I used for the face

The hands were painted next using the same flesh mix

Following on from there the Greatcoat has been rendered using a base of Jo Sonja Paynes Grey with French Blue, Medium Ultramarine and Naples Yellow used to create highlights and Blue Violet and Carbon Black for the shades.

In these pictures it looks a little bright. I do intend to darken it down as I will be going for a dirty and worn look.

In this next shot I have begun to dull it down a little using a wash over the entire (blue) area of Paynes Grey thinned with Vallejo Matt Medium and water mixed 50/50 with just 3 or 4 specks of the Paynes Grey. It's still quite subtle at this stage.
This process will continue when I begin to "dirty up" the uniform and flag using a variety of browns.

Here with more work done to the straps and the white and red areas of the flag.

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