Thursday, 3 October 2013

Imperial Guard 1815

Face Painting

Having pre-highlighted through the airbrush I have pushed on with the face painting using 9 different flesh tones mixed with Jo Sonjas. Firstly generating 3 tints of mid tone using Norwegian Orange, White, Raw Sienna and Naples Yellow and adjusting by adding more white for the lightest and adding Burnt Sienna for the darker. The same was done for the 3 tints of light tones by working from the darkest and adding more Naples Yellow and White. The 3 tints of Greyed tone was achieved by using the same mid tone mix and adding Raw Umber, Hookers Green and Paines Grey to the mix in varying amounts. Warmer areas were created by adding Alizarin Crimson, Plum Pink and Cadmium Scarlet to the middle mid tone mix.

The pictures are after about 2-2.5 hours work and still require more refining but it's definately taking shape.

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