Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Imperial Guard 1815

Continuing with the flag and knapsack

Some progress has been made over the last two days with the flag and the knapsack receiving some attention. For the gold colour on the flag detail I have used Vallejo Leather Brown and Yellow Ochre for the base colour, highlighted by adding further Yellow Ochre and then adding White for further highlights.
Knapsack is done using Jo Sonjas Red Earth and Raw Sienna 50/50 mix with Jaune Brilliant added for highlights and Burnt Umber added for shades. The roll at the top is considered (by me) to be a blanket roll and not a Greatcoat, as the Greatcoat is being worn. I prefer this option for a couple of reasons, first it fits in with the seasoned campaigner utilising all available resources and secondly it adds another colour dimension to the piece. I have used a grey base and added a mix of highlights using Raw Umber, Paynes Grey and Raw Sienna with additional hights created by adding Jaune Brilliant to each mix, some more work still to do on this.

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